As we evaluated investment options for fueling our growth plans, SaaS capital offered the perfect solution that allowed us to scale the financing in alignment with our revenue objectives while not diluting the equity in the company.

Mat Atkinson

Founder & CEO, ProofHQ

We were looking for a modest amount of capital to invest in additional product development and acceleration of customer acquisition, and the SaaS Capital line-of-credit provides the right amount of capital in a non-dilutive form.

Mark Rankovic

CEO, Certica Solutions

SaaS Capital offered us the right mix of availability, structure and market expertise to help us bring aggressive product advancements to the market in a timely manner.

Isaac Garcia

CEO, Central Desktop

Our SaaS Capital funding is the fuel we need to capitalize on an explosive market opportunity.

Peter Yozzo

Founder & CEO, ThinkHR

We evaluated a number of alternatives for growth capital, and the team at SaaS Capital provided the most attractive option to invest in ongoing growth and expand the reach of our video platform.

Dennis Farkos

CFO, Panopto

The SaaS Capital structure provides us with the flexibility and efficiency we need to accelerate our growth and reduce unnecessary costs. We are excited to have SaaS Capital as a partner.

Jeff Matlow


Having grown revenue rapidly and proven our business model, we were looking for innovative financing options to finance continued rapid growth. SaaS Capital’s approach was the right fit at the right time for our business.

Jim Plymale

CEO, Clinicient

We were fortunate to have a number of financing alternatives, but in the end, the availability of the SaaS Capital line, coupled with the ability to draw down cash only when we need it, made SaaS Capital the obvious choice.

Liz Pearce

CEO, LiquidPlanner

The way in which SaaS Capital tailors their solution to the needs of a SaaS company –  with greater cash availability and a much better repayment structure – made them the obvious choice for Monet.

Chuck Ciarlo

CEO, Monet Software

Among the financing alternatives we considered, SaaS Capital offered us the exact kind of financing that we needed – along with a supportive and knowledgeable partnership.

Terry Dwyer

CEO, WebLink

SaaS Capital worked hard to craft a funding model that fits our needs. In the end, they brought more than money to the table—they delivered a wealth of industry experience and knowledge. This kind of partnership is incredibly valuable to growth businesses like MBA Focus.

Jack Gainer

CEO, MBA Focus

We looked at different financing alternatives to fund our growth including venture capital, venture debt, and commercial banks. SaaS Capital's approach allows us access to the greatest amount of capital with a line-of-credit that provides us flexibility around when we borrow and repay.

Thomas Palmer

Executive Chairman, iModules

SaaS Capital delivered a debt solution that was perfectly suited to the needs of our business and unlike any other in the market in 2007 or right now. I would use them again.

Matt McConnell

CEO, Knowlagent, Inc.

SaaS Capital's line of credit was clearly superior to traditional bank debt, more venture capital, or a venture debt loan. We would be happy to be a customer again.

Sean Noonan

Founder and VP Finance, Clickability

Many SaaS companies are looking for alternative financing options, especially in today's economy. SaaS Capital brings the expertise of the SaaS business model as well as alternatives to traditional financing.

Kim Nelson

CFO, SPS Commerce (SPSC) – River Cities SaaS portfolio company

SaaS Capital clearly understands the SaaS business model and was a valuable source of funding for our new business expansion.

Rich Guerin

CEO CareAnyware, Inc.

We’re thrilled to have the support of a leading technology investor like SaaS Capital as we continue to grow and execute on our business plan.

Stefan Midford

CEO, Natural Insight

Although we received several outside funding offers, we knew SaaS Capital was the best fit for us at this stage. Working with SaaS Capital we’re able to avoid both the strict requirements of traditional bank financing and the ownership dilution that comes with an equity investor.

Parag Mamnani

Founder and CEO, Webgility

We found the SaaS Capital solution to be a great way to finance our growth compared to those options. It’s a long-term solution, and is particularly well suited to SaaS businesses like ours who have built predictable and scalable customer acquisition channels.

Ed Molyneux

CEO and Co-Founder, FreeAgent

We didn't want to raise a traditional VC round, and SaaS Capital gave us an awesome alternative. We are excited about working with a team that understands SaaS businesses better than anyone else.

Jessica Mah

Founder and CEO, inDinero

They are a flexible, non-dilutive option and they really understand the needs of a SaaS business. Due to their extensive reach and best practices insight from other SaaS companies, SaaS Capital also adds significant value to Updox beyond just capital.

Michael Morgan

CEO, Updox

This line of credit from SaaS Capital offers a flexible platform to accelerate our growth as needed to best serve our top-tier healthcare supplier customers.

Kevin Leininger

CEO, IntegriChain

SaaS Capital truly understands the SaaS industry and their solution empowers us to continue to scale our operations at a consistent rate.

Erik Marsh

CEO, DATIS HR Cloud, Inc.

Their approach to financing and experience with other SaaS companies has set them apart as the premier partner for our business.

Brent Maropis

CEO, Overgroup

Because of their flexible structure and understanding of the software-as-a-service business model, SaaS Capital was a natural choice for Reeher.

Andy Reeher

Founder and CEO, Reeher

This new facility is substantially larger than our previous line of credit and features a structure and covenants designed specifically for growing SaaS companies.

Anthony Mazzarella

CFO, Accelerize Inc.


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