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Rob and I just returned from our annual pilgrimage to San Francisco for SaaStr Annual, and here are our observations from the conference this year.
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Last December we sent out a quick year-end recap email and blog post that was very well received, so here it is for 2017.
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Last month I had the pleasure of presenting at the KCSaaS event in Kansas City, MO. KCSaaS is a grassroots industry group spearheaded by longtime SaaS sales executive Mike Poledna. He started the group about a year ago after not finding many SaaS networking and knowledge share opportunities in Kansas City.
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Insurance may seem like a pretty boring topic compared with, say What is my SaaS Valuation? but as you may remember from school, it’s a negatively correlated asset – when everything else goes against you, it pays out. So, it’s an important part of life and business, and your needs can change over time as you grow, pivot product and target market, or raise capital, so it’s good to keep in mind and revisit now and again.
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Last month my partner Rob and I attended two events focused on customer success (CS) and wanted to post our takeaways. The first event was a half-day summit we held for our own SaaS Capital portfolio companies. The other event was the Pulse Conference.
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Two weeks ago, Todd Gardner and I attended the SaaStr Annual conference in San Francisco. This is the SaaS-business-model-specific conference put on by serial SaaS entrepreneur and VC Jason Lemkin. This was the third year of the event and we’ve gone every year. Below are our takeaways from it...
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Last October, SaaS Capital hosted its first-ever get together of portfolio company CEOs. The response was so positive we decided to hold a spring summit to continue the momentum...
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Pulse is the annual Customer Success event hosted by Gainsight. It’s both a users conference and an industry event, and I think it does a good job achieving both goals. It definitely goes on our “recommended list” and you do not need to be a Gainsight customer or prospect to get value.
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SaaS Capital’s market observations of the most interesting things we have gleaned in 2016 across a wide variety of topics.
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SaaS Capital's observations from the 2nd annual SaaStr Annual 2016 conference.
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SaaS Capital offered us the right mix of availability, structure and market expertise to help us bring aggressive product advancements to the market in a timely manner.

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