SaaS Spending Benchmarks – An Analysis of Margins, Sales and Marketing Spending, and the Rule of 40%

Generally speaking, while all B2B SaaS companies share a distribution and revenue model, nuances abound in how companies arrange themselves at different points in the lifecycle of the company, and on other important variables like ACV and growth rate. This research brief, based on data from our annual survey of over 400 B2B SaaS companies, analyzes SaaS company spending across these variables and can serve as a good benchmark to your own company’s structure. 

Key findings include:

  • G&A and engineering spending scale with company size, while sales, marketing and CoGS do not.
  • High ACV products (annual contract value over $150,000) have higher cost of goods than lower priced products.
  • Medium ACV products ($5,000 to $150,000) appear to be the most expensive overall to deliver and support.

Download the full research brief to learn more.


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