No Churn: Keep Customers and Improve Your SaaS Company Valuation

Our white paper provides private company churn benchmarks, and also specifically quantifies the impact of customer churn on a SaaS company’s valuation.

Updated with current market data and results from our recent survey of over 400 private SaaS companies, this white paper empirically demonstrates that revenue retention rates directly impact a SaaS company’s valuation in a significant way, and to a much larger extent than typically recognized.

The impact is dramatic because retention impacts monthly recurring revenue (MRR), growth rates, contribution margin, and total addressable market (TAM). Plus, it has a compounding effect over time.

You will learn:

  • How much a one percentage point improvement in churn is worth
  • What real world retention rates look like for private SaaS companies
  • Average retention rates segmented by contract value
  • How your peers manage customer success
  • How private SaaS companies in the real world think about and manage churn
Download the white paper to see how your business stacks up to your peers

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