Our Story

SaaS Capital™ was founded in 2007 to help SaaS companies fund their growth without selling more and more equity. Back then, SaaS was still pretty young and considered "lightweight" and "maybe okay for marketing." How things have changed. SaaS Capital™ has evolved along with the industry and has now funded more than 60 companies across three funds and authored more than a dozen research papers on SaaS.

Todd Gardner, Founder & Managing Director

Direct SaaS lending experience; managing multiple SaaS investments; 10 years venture capital experience.

  • SaaS Capital, Inc. (2007-2010) - CEO of predecessor corporation that proved out the model of lending to the SaaS industry.
  • Blue Chip Venture Company (1996 - 2006) - Partner who led software/ASP/SaaS deals before, during, and after the internet bubble of 1999.
  • Deloitte Consulting (1993-1996) - Team leader for enterprise-scale software deployments.
  • PNC Bank (1987 - 1991) - Vice President in commercial loan and leasing departments.

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Rob Belcher, Managing Director

Rob Belcher, Managing Director

Specialty debt lender and startup executive; venture capital, investment banking and economic consulting.

  • Lighter Capital (2010-2014) - Senior executive at venture-backed SaaS lending company. Pioneered non-dilutive royalty-based debt instrument. Completed 60 financings.
  • Voyager Capital (2010) - MBA Intern for this West Coast venture capital firm. Assisted with 2 investments and 1 exit.
  • Wood Mackenzie (2003-2008) - Commodities analyst for Edinburgh, Scotland-based energy research and consulting company.

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Other Team Members

Brent Haswell, Head of Technology

Senior level technology executive with broad experience in infrastructure, technology assessment, and product development.

Tobie Cook, Chief Financial Officer

Financial professional with 16 years in the finance vertical with experience managing multiple VC/PE funds.

Nick Perry, Head of Marketing

Marketing and digital strategy professional with a demonstrated history of effectively executing in both B2B and B2C environments.

Steve Jaffee, Credit Committee

Serial entrepreneur with 20 years of debt and equity experience who has successfully managed, grown and exited early-stage companies. Involved with SaaS Capital™ since 2007.

What we strive for:

  • Be Transparent - If we are a good fit, we'll provide tailored funding that makes sense for your business. If we aren't a good fit for you, we'll be upfront and recommend a better option for you. 
  • Be Responsive - If you are west of the Mississippi River, meet Rob Belcher. If you are east of the Mississippi, in Canada, or in the UK, get to know Todd Gardner. Both understand the nuances of SaaS business models and can get to ‘yes’ or ‘no’ quickly. 
  • Be Accountable - Funding the growth of your company isn't something you take lightly, and neither do we. As one of our portfolio companies said "They treat lending as an investment. Most debt lenders treat lending as a transaction."