Proprietary Research and Benchmarking Data for SaaS Companies

Each year SaaS Capital™ conducts one of the largest surveys of private, B2B SaaS companies, yielding actionable insights and benchmarking data for SaaS companies.

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What's Your SaaS Company Worth?

This white paper is written for entrepreneurs, angel investors, and the management teams of SaaS businesses. The intent of the paper is to describe the approach used by most professional investors and strategic buyers to value a SaaS company. By better understanding the concepts and mechanics of valuing a SaaS business, management will be better able to articulate and maximize the value of their company, and also develop a more accurate estimate of the likely offers in a sale process or equity raise, resulting in a narrower bid-ask starting spread and higher likelihood of a successful outcome. The framework described in this paper is designed to be adaptable to the market environment well into the future.

Research Brief

2019 B2B SaaS Retention Benchmarks

Because of its compounding effect on growth, revenue retention is now well established as the most important metric for ensuring medium- to long-term business health. Based on data from SaaS Capital's™ 8th annual survey of 1,100 private B2B SaaS companies, this research brief provides current retention benchmarks and cross-references retention against other key metrics such as growth rate, funding, and spending.

Research Brief

How Do SaaS Companies Perform in a Recession?

This research brief examines the quarterly revenue and operating expense data from public SaaS companies to learn how software-as-a-service companies performed through the previous recession. Included is an Excel workbook of the raw data we compiled from SEC filings and used for this analysis.

Research Brief

Benchmarking Private SaaS Company Growth Rates

This research brief provides an overall look at growth rate data from more than 900 private SaaS companies. The summary data is sorted by company size and age, and also looks at the impact of venture backing, ACV, churn, and vertical market focus on growth rates.


Appendix to Comparison Guide of Debt Options for SaaS Companies

This guide provides a framework for comparing different debt structures and details three specific examples of debt options available to SaaS companies.

Research Brief

How B2B SaaS Companies Price and Contract

This research brief includes both simple benchmarking data to compare your company to your peers, as well as a deeper look into determining the potential impact of pricing on overall company performance.

Research Brief

How Does Annual Contract Value Impact a SaaS Company’s Scalability?

This research brief shows how revenue growth rates are impacted by ACV, explores differences in growth rates across ACV within a group of similarly sized businesses, and provides key takeaways for managers and investors.

White Paper

Comparison Guide of Debt Options for SaaS Companies

Using debt to fund a SaaS company is widely accepted and there is now a vibrant market of lenders. However, each lender has their own specific criteria, use cases, and non-trivial nuances in structure which makes it difficult to know which one is best for your company.

Research Brief

How do Top-Performing SaaS Companies Spend Their Money?

How SaaS companies spend their money varies based on their specific product, size, and market. However, a detailed analysis from our survey of over 700 private SaaS businesses reveals noteworthy patterns among top-performing businesses that all SaaS company leaders should be cognizant of.

Research Brief

Churn Benchmarks for B2B SaaS Companies

Consistently retaining customers is an important characteristic of any successful SaaS business, and an entire industry, Customer Success, has sprouted up to help SaaS executives do just that. However, knowing what is a “good” retention rate for your individual SaaS company remains difficult to pin down.