Proprietary Research and Benchmarking Data for SaaS Companies

Each year SaaS Capital® conducts one of the largest surveys of private, B2B SaaS companies, yielding actionable insights and benchmarking data for SaaS companies.

2023 B2B SaaS Retention Benchmarks


2023 SaaS Retention Benchmarks for Private B2B Companies

Across all SaaS companies, the 2023 median net retention is 102%, which is unchanged from 2022. Median gross retention is 91%, also unchanged from the previous year’s survey.

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2022 Private SaaS Company Growth Rate Benchmarks

The overall median growth rate for all companies in the survey registered 40.0%. This is up from an overall median of 29.6% in 2020 and puts growth at the same pre-pandemic levels seen in 2019. Overall, only 2.7% of the companies reported flat or negative growth in 2020, compared to 13% in 2020.

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What's Your SaaS Company Worth?

Private B2B SaaS companies are typically valued using a multiple of annualized recurring revenue (ARR) but determining the correct multiple to apply is difficult. We provide a data-driven, statistically backed methodology for determining a baseline valuation multiple from a company’s ARR growth rate and net revenue retention, and the current level of the SaaS Capital IndexTM, which is published as a free service by SaaS Capital®. A full formula, as well as an Excel spreadsheet and summary table, are provided for your convenience.

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Private SaaS Company Funding, Runway, and Capital Efficiency Benchmarking

In our 9th annual survey of private B2B SaaS companies, we asked several questions on funding sources and amounts raised to learn more about capital efficiency and cash balances to better understand runway. Runway considerations, in particular, became very relevant with the arrival of the novel Coronavirus COVID-19 and the resulting economic shutdowns. The goal of asking these new questions was to be able to answer the following...

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Benchmarking Your Employee Stock Option Plan

What is a “fair” amount of equity to allocate to employees? With the hope of answering that question, for the first time in our eight-year history of conducting surveys of private SaaS company metrics, we asked a few questions about Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOPs).

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How Do SaaS Companies Perform in a Recession?

This research brief examines the quarterly revenue and operating expense data from public SaaS companies to learn how software-as-a-service companies performed through the previous recession. Included is an Excel workbook of the raw data we compiled from SEC filings and used for this analysis.


Appendix to Comparison Guide of Debt Options for SaaS Companies

This guide provides a framework for comparing different debt structures and details three specific examples of debt options available to SaaS companies.

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How B2B SaaS Companies Price and Contract

This research brief includes both simple benchmarking data to compare your company to your peers, as well as a deeper look into determining the potential impact of pricing on overall company performance.

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How Does Annual Contract Value Impact a SaaS Company’s Scalability?

This research brief shows how revenue growth rates are impacted by ACV, explores differences in growth rates across ACV within a group of similarly sized businesses, and provides key takeaways for managers and investors.

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Comparison Guide of Debt Options for SaaS Companies

Using debt to fund a SaaS company is widely accepted and there is now a vibrant market of lenders. However, each lender has their own specific criteria, use cases, and non-trivial nuances in structure which makes it difficult to know which one is best for your company.