Case Studies

ClearCompany calls SaaS Capital the "just right" partner to grow their SaaS business

“No thoughtful SaaS entrepreneur who has worked so hard to create wealth would take venture capital once they are past 3 million in ARR. They would be crazy not to grow their business on debt until they couldn't do it anymore. It just doesn't make financial sense to do it otherwise.”

Reeher leverages SaaS Capital funding to drive growth, increase net equity by $20.3 million, and position for acquisition

“The SaaS Capital team just gets the SaaS model. Bank financing wasn’t really an option at the time we were looking for funding and when I met the SaaS Capital team it was my sense that because they had figured out this financing model early, they offered a great partnership and helpful expertise.”

SaaS Capital funding supports growth and strategic acquisition, while creating $28.8 million in net equity value

"SaaS Capital’s approach was truly unique. It allows us access to the greatest amount of capital with a line-of-credit that provides us flexibility on when we borrow and when we re-pay.”

$400K in interest expense finances a $10 million increase in net equity value

“Working with SaaS Capital we were able to very quickly put together a credit facility that leveraged our existing market success and strong customer relationships to further optimize our business.The fact that the facility grew along with the business ensured the long-term flexibility that we needed.”