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SaaS Capital Provides $2.0 Million in Growth Funding to JDXpert

September 30, 2020

SaaS Capital Growth DebtCINCINNATI, SEATTLE, RALEIGH, September 30, 2020 – SaaS Capital, the leading provider of growth debt to software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies, today announced that it has provided a $2.0 million line of credit to JDXpert (HRTMS Inc.).

“SaaS Capital is a great fit for the next stage of JDXpert’s strategic growth plan,” said Andrew Ellerhorst, CEO of JDXpert. “We’re excited to have a financial partner like SaaS Capital in our corner so we can continue to build upon our reputation as a leader in the job description management software space.  Our relationship with SaaS Capital will allow us to take full advantage of the market opportunity at hand by allowing us to scale our sales and marketing efforts and add exciting new platform capabilities to our software.”

JDXpert offers a comprehensive job description management tool that allows companies to seamlessly collaborate with stakeholders in a secure, role-sensitive environment. The platform enables organizations to create, maintain and store well-defined job descriptions that drive effective HR processes. As the market leader in job description management software, JDXpert has helped hundreds of organizations realize the potential in their job descriptions by providing them with a robust and highly configurable tool designed to optimize the job description management process, reduce their compliance risk and provide accurate, well-defined job data across the HR landscape.

“Analysts estimate that SaaS penetration in enterprise-scale companies is still only around 50%,” said Rob Belcher, Managing Director of SaaS Capital. “JDXpert is a fantastic example of an opportunity for the continued SaaSification of the enterprise. Today, job descriptions are either locked away in complex ERPs or spread across dozens of different systems and departments or, worse, in Word documents on shared drives. Automating, standardizing, and streamlining job req management saves real time and real dollars, both operationally and from a legal and compliance standpoint. We see great opportunity in this space for JDXpert, and we’re thrilled they have chosen us as their financing partner.”

About JDXpert

JDXpert (HRTMS Inc.) is a leading human resources software provider specializing in the automation and management of job descriptions. The company’s groundbreaking solution brings structure and efficiencies to the way clients construct, manage, and store job information. With a robust feature set and flexible platform, JDXpert offers an unparalleled platform that has helped a wide range of organizations, including manufacturing, healthcare, education, retail, finance, pharmaceuticals, energy, technology, hospitality, professional services, and media services. Visit to learn more.

About SaaS Capital

SaaS Capital is the leading provider of growth debt designed explicitly for B2B SaaS companies. SaaS Capital’s growth debt is structured to provide a significant source of committed funding, deployment flexibility, and lower overall cost of capital, all while avoiding the loss of control associated with selling equity. SaaS Capital was the first to offer lending alternatives to SaaS businesses based on their future recurring revenue. Since 2007, SaaS Capital has deployed $209.5 million in growth debt to deliver better outcomes for 60+ clients, resulting in $753 million in total enterprise valuation created. Visit to learn more.

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