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SaaS Capital Provides $2.0 Million in Growth Funding to SocialClimb

April 7, 2020

SaaS Capital Growth Funding

CINCINNATI, SEATTLE, AUSTIN, April 07, 2020 – SaaS Capital, the leading credit provider to software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies, today announced that it has provided a $2.0 million line of credit to SocialClimb.

“We have self-funded our growth thus far but needed access to additional capital to take advantage of the significant growth opportunities ahead,” said SocialClimb’s CEO Ty Allen. “SaaS Capital was able to provide us with non-dilutive capital to execute our plans. It is nice to have a partner who understands the needs of a software-as-a-service business.”

SocialClimb is the leading automated patient acquisition platform. Its SaaS platform delivers the marketing-driven growth every independent and hospital-owned specialty practice craves. With predictive analytics, deep practice management system integration, and the ability to target specific patient types via reputation ads, SocialClimb is changing medical practice marketing.

“SaaS Capital is excited to announce its partnership with SocialClimb,” said Rob Belcher, Managing Director of SaaS Capital. “The very strong leadership team at SocialClimb has worked together for many years and with many previous companies. Their energy, respect, and trust in each other is palpable. They have built a strong product in a fast-growing industry; we are proud they chose SaaS Capital as their financing partner.”

About SocialClimb

SocialClimb helps physicians improve their reputations, dominate local search, and grow the value of their practice. In addition to helping physicians collect reviews and improve their rankings, its industry-leading platform uses deep analytics to automatically deliver targeted reputation ads to attract profitable patients. Visit to learn more.

About SaaS Capital

SaaS Capital is the leading provider of growth debt designed explicitly for B2B SaaS companies. SaaS Capital’s growth debt is structured to provide a significant source of committed funding, deployment flexibility, and lower overall cost of capital, all while avoiding the loss of control associated with selling equity. SaaS Capital was the first to offer lending alternatives to SaaS businesses based on their future recurring revenue. Since 2007, SaaS Capital has deployed $209.5 million in growth debt to deliver better outcomes for 60+ clients, resulting in $753 million in total enterprise valuation created. Visit to learn more.

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