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SaaS Capital Provides Growth Funding to BluLogix

January 6, 2022

SaaS Capital Growth DebtCINCINNATI, SEATTLE, MCLEAN January 06, 2022 – SaaS Capital, the leading provider of growth debt to software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies, today announced that it has provided a line of credit to BluLogix.

“BluLogix is committed to long game growth that builds equity and delivers value to all stakeholders – starting with our customers to investors and through to our employees, our mission is to transform business operations through automation and integration into a scalable, repeatable process to drive revenue growth and improve profitability. Building trust while executing our vision is an important part of our Technical Excellence thought leadership strategy. SaaS Capital understands the importance of value-aligned growth strategy and this extension of credit will allow BluLogix to scale at an accelerated pace to achieve our aggressive business growth goals,” says CEO, Youssef Yaghmour.

BluLogix’s enhanced billing and automation solution coalesces disparate information sources and refines complex billing operations into a single process allowing companies to reconcile gaps, increase profit margins, plug cost leaks, and address issues such as unbilled items.

“We are pleased to announce that we have provided a growth credit facility to DC-area-based BluLogix,” said Rob Belcher, Managing Director of SaaS Capital. “We see this as the perfect partnership. BluLogix provides billing and revenue management software for technology and SaaS companies, and we provide alternative growth capital for SaaS companies. The software industry is only growing, and increasingly so, and with that growth are increasingly complex pricing, billing, and contracting models. BluLogix is the perfect solution for these challenges, and we’re thrilled they have chosen us as their financing partner for this stage of their acceleration.”

About BluLogix 

Founded in 2013, BluLogix is the only enhanced billing automation and integration solution provider that refines a business’s complex billing operations into a single process. Our one-of-a-kind, data-informed approach coalesces a business’s disparate information sources, allowing them to go beyond billing and transform data into revenue to stay competitive in the digital economy through process automation, channel and globalization. Leveraging a proven, adaptable billing technology and methodology, the BluIQ suite of platforms and solutions are the only fully integrated and adaptive billing solutions on the market that democratizes your data, automates business processes end-to-end, and surfaces data in real-time reporting to take your billing to the next level, accelerate go-to-market product delivery and drive revenue growth through channels. Visit to learn more.

About SaaS Capital

SaaS Capital is the leading provider of growth debt designed explicitly for B2B SaaS companies. SaaS Capital’s growth debt is structured to provide a significant source of committed funding, deployment flexibility, and lower overall cost of capital, all while avoiding the loss of control associated with selling equity. SaaS Capital was the first to offer lending alternatives to SaaS businesses based on their future recurring revenue. Since 2007, SaaS Capital has deployed $234 million in growth debt to deliver better outcomes for 70+ clients, resulting in $983 million in total enterprise valuation created. Visit to learn more.

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