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SaaS Capital Raises $128 Million Fourth Fund

January 6, 2022

Pioneer of Credit Facilities to SaaS Companies Continues Successful Strategy

SaaS Capital Growth DebtSEATTLE, COLUMBUS, CINCINNATI, January 06, 2022 – SaaS Capital, the leading provider of growth debt to software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies, today announced that it has closed its fourth fund with $128 million in limited partner commitments. This fund follows its successful predecessors in pursuing a highly focused strategy, solely serving growth-stage, private, B2B software companies looking for an alternative to dilutive equity capital.

“The stage of growth from $1 million to $20 million in annual recurring revenue is incredibly value-creating for founders and shareholders of SaaS companies,” says Rob Belcher, managing director.  “SaaS Capital’s recurring revenue-based credit facilities provide access to significant and flexible growth capital to companies in this phase, without the need for management to give up equity or control. To date, we have provided over $200 million in growth debt to nearly 100 companies, helping those that have since exited realize over $1.7 billion in value to shareholders. With this new, larger fund, we are poised to support even more companies accelerate growth in an equity-efficient manner.”

Existing partners Rob Belcher and Steve Jaffee are also pleased to announce the addition of two new managing directors to the company. Columbus-based Stephanie Fortener and Seattle-based Randall Lucas join SaaS Capital with the launch of Fund IV. Mr. Jaffee and Ms. Fortener were previously partners in the successful early-stage SaaS lending platform Dreadnought Capital, which folds under the umbrella of SaaS Capital with this new fund, and Mr. Lucas brings over twenty years of equity investing, alternative lending, and entrepreneurship experience to the team.

“We are sincerely grateful to our amazing Limited Partners, many of whom have supported us for over ten years and in all prior funds,” said Mr. Jaffee. “Their trust in us and our platform is evident in the fact that we surpassed our target amount of $100 million, and even our ’hard’ cap of $125 million. With the larger fund and team, we are excited to accelerate the SaaS Capital mission.”

About SaaS Capital

Founded as a specialty lender in 2007 with nearly 100 SaaS companies funded to date, SaaS Capital has operated private credit funds since 2012.  SaaS Capital is also known for its annual survey of private SaaS companies, which fuels an extensive research and writing practice on metrics of comparable SaaS businesses, along with its publication of the SaaS Capital Index™, a data-driven guide to the valuation metrics that financial markets apply to the industry.

SaaS Capital lends $2M to $20M to B2B SaaS companies with $2M in ARR and up, registered and banked in the US, Canada, or UK. Companies do not need to be venture-backed, nor do they need to be profitable.

Our Approach

Who Is SaaS Capital?

SaaS Capital® is the leading provider of long-term Credit Facilities to SaaS companies.

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