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SaaS Capital’s First CEO Summit

October 29, 2015

On October 14, SaaS Capital hosted its first-ever get together of portfolio company CEOs. Twelve CEOs joined us in San Francisco, with many traveling from all over the country to attend.

The gathering was an opportunity for CEOs from our Portfolio of SaaS companies to come together to talk about the key issues facing SaaS companies and share the strategies that have helped them succeed.

We were impressed with the openness and frankness of the conversation. The CEOs were just as willing to share their challenges as successes and everyone had something to contribute as well as takeaway.

The agenda included:

  • Optimizing Sales and Marketing – The best practices around lead generation and lead conversion through both marketing and sales.
  • Customer Success and Retention – The tools, techniques, personnel, and systems used to address customer churn, and the best ways to measure it.
  • Sales Commissions – The strategy and specific approaches to address: sales rep ramp-up time, variable revenue compensation, up-sells, new vs. renewal activity, and retaining the best reps.

An off-agenda topic that the group spent significant time on was around developing an outbound sales strategy.

It was a great day and we would like to thank the CEOs from Central Desktop, Clear Company, Datis HR Cloud, IMAthlete, Indinero, LiquidPlanner, Monet Software, Natural Insights,  StreamLink Software, ThinkHR, UpDox, Webgility, Weblink, and Wiredrive for openly sharing their insights and making this event a success. Pretty much everyone asked when the next one will be, so we look forward to doing it again soon!

We would also like to thank our fund partner, DH Capital, for helping to make SaaS Capital’s First CEO Summit happen.

Nick Perry

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